he’s just a lost puppy

i just lost my heart 

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You transfix me quite.

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Lana Del Rey // Complex Magazine (2014)

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scully: mulder no

mulder: mulder yes

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Endless list of favourite films: [15/?] - Jane Eyre (2011)

↳ “Do you think that because I am poor, plain, obscure and little, that I am soulless and heartless? I have as much soul as you and full of as much heart. And if God had possessed me with beauty and wealth, I could make it as hard for you to leave me as I to leave you.

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my dad and i watch a few episodes of the x files every night and tonight my mom watched one with us and when it was over she’s like, “i think the fact that everything is related to aliens is dumb. i like regular good detective shows.” and my dad was like, “in regular detective shows you find out the butler did it. in the x files you find out the alien butler did it and that’s so much better.”

Are you jealous of the swordplay? Do you ever wish you could get a little more in the way of kind of brutal killing action going on?

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The X Files: ‘Die Hand Die Verletzt’

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Dana Scully + Orange

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